Dissertation defence and Doctoral Degree

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Dissertation defence and Doctoral Degree

When your dissertation is nearing completion, you should discuss with your advisors whether it is ready for the defence. You will also need to take care of a number of practical details which involve different parts of the university administration. This page provides key information about your Ph.D. defence.

Guidelines for the licentiate thesis

The public presentation and examination of a licentiate thesis must take place in a publically announced licentiate seminar. The entire process, including the time and location, is determined by the individual department, not Student Services.

After the public defence

After a successful defence or licentiate seminar, you are ready to apply for your degree, providing that you are finished with your coursework. You must both register your thesis in Ladok and submit an application for the degree.

Conferment ceremony for doctoral degrees

The ceremony takes place in the Stockholm City Hall on the last Friday in September.


Dissertation & Doctoral degree
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