These scholarships are intended for students who are registered at Stockholm University at the time of application and who intend to remain so the following academic year. All faculties prioritize PhD students when awarding scholarships.


The application deadline was 15 April.

Next time available for application in March 2018

Scholarship period

1 September 2017 – 31 August 2018

Scholarship funds

(Information in Swedish only)

Administration of scholarship applications

The administration of the applications begins with a referral to the relevant department (at The Faculty of Law applications are administered directly at faculty level). The respective faculty preparatory body then produces a proposition, which is forwarded for decision-making by the faculty board and the Vice-Chancellor.

Decision notification

All applicants will receive a notification by email before the end of June.


If you have received a donation scholarship, please fill in the form Assurance and Certification for payment (for the W Bagge and Rhodin funds see below) and read the instructions carefully. The form should be signed by both the recipient and the supervisor.

 Assurance and Certification (61 Kb)

Payment from the W Bagge and Rhodin funds

If you have received a scholarship from W Bagge or Rhodin, you need to complete two forms for payment for each fund: Assurance and Certification W Bagge and Rhodin, which should be signed by both the recipient and the supervisor, and also the SEB form for W Bagge or Rhodin. Please note that these forms are to be sent to the bank SEB and not to Stockholm university.

 Assurance and Certification - W Bagge and Rhodin (61 Kb)

 SEB requisition form for W Bagge (121 Kb)

 SEB requisition form for Rhodin (121 Kb)

If you have difficulties opening the SEB forms, please try to use another web browser.