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Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterised by its independent basic research.

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  • Right kind of collaboration is key to solving environmental problems 2017-08-18 Society’s ability to solve environmental problems is tied to how different actors collaborate and the shape and form of the networks they create, says a new study from researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre which is published in the journal Science.
  • Studentavslutning Väsby mostphotos Open Lecture and Book Launch: Migration from Turkey to Sweden 2017-08-09 Help us celebrate the publication of 'Migration from Turkey to Sweden: Integration, Belonging and Transnational Community,' a volume of essays edited by Paul T. Levin and Bahar Baser.
  • Källa: NASA - The Visible Earth. Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC. Stronger West African Monsoon during Green Sahara may have affected ENSO 2017-07-11 Accounting for a vegetated and less dusty Sahara reduces the variability of El Niño during the Mid-Holocene to closer to that which is observed in several paleoclimate records. This is shown by researchers at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University in a recent study, published in Nature Communications.
  • Jens Rydgren. Foto: Clément Morin/Stockholms universitet. No conflict between culturally identifying with the parents’ homeland and Sweden 2017-06-30 Young people with foreign backgrounds who identify with their parents’ culture are more inclined to feel integrated into mainstream Swedish culture. So says a new sociological study which looked at the attitudes of Iranian and former Yugoslavian youths.
  • Därför spelar åldersskillnaden mellan syskonen ingen roll. Två barn leker i skogen. Foto: Mostphotos The spacing between siblings doesn’t matter 2017-06-21 When is the best time to have another baby? This is a question that might intrigue parents planning to have more kids. But does it really matter for long-term outcomes in Sweden?
  • Martin Jakobsson på isbrytaren Oden under en tidigare forskningsexpedition i Arktis. Mapping the world sea floor 2017-06-19 By 2030, the entire sea floor will be charted. The Nippon Foundation intends to provide 18.5 million USD and Stockholm University is one of four research centres involved.
  • Juho Härkönen. Foto: Stockholms universitet This is how family change affects children 2017-06-19 Recent decades of family change have seen increases in cohabitation rather than marriage, family dissolution, step-family formation and joint residential custody. Children are involved in many of these increasingly common family transitions and family forms, and we need to consider how they are affected, Juho Härkönen writes in a new blog post.

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Rektor Astrid Söderbergh Widding. Foto: Eva Dalin

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterized by its independent basic research.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding
Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University

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