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Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterised by its independent basic research.

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  • Artist’s illustration of two merging neutron stars. The rippling space-time grid represents gravitational waves that travel out from the collision, while the narrow beams show the bursts of gamma rays that are shot out just seconds after the gravitational waves. Swirling clouds of material ejected from the merging stars are also depicted. The clouds glow with visible and other wavelengths of light.
Image credit: NSF/LIGO/Sonoma State University/A. Simonnet Merging neutron stars detected in gravitation waves and electromagnetic radiation 2017-10-16 Gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars have been detected for the first time. Scientists around the world pinpointed the source to a galaxy 130 million light years away.
  • Studenten Turkey and Sweden, mostphotos Turkish diaspora provides insight into current migration issues 2017-10-13 'Migration from Turkey to Sweden,' co-edited by Bahar Baser and Paul T.Levin, studies integration, belonging and transnational community.
  • Forskare från Stockholms universitet tar sedimentprov från havsbotten utanför Askö i Sörmland. Foto: Alessandra Vicenzi. Baltic clams and worms release as much greenhouse gas as 20 000 dairy cows 2017-10-13 Worms and clams enhance the release of methane up to eight times more compared to sea bottoms without animals, shows a study by scientists at Stockholm University and Cardiff University.
  • Middle East Journal of Refugee Studies Cultivating memories of belonging and conviviality 2017-10-11 In a new article by Annika Rabo – Anthropological Methods and an Analysis of Memory: Migration, Past and Present in Raqqa Province, Syria – the history of mobility and settlement in the province of Raqqa is used as examples to highlight memories of both conflict and conviviality.
  • Sara Strandberg. Foto: Vilhelm Stokstad. Quest for the unknown elementary particle 2017-10-05 One of particle physics’ biggest unsolved mysteries is how the Higgs particle can be so light, which is at odds with the prevailing theories. Thanks to a 35.2 million SEK (4.34 million USD) grant, Sara Strandberg and her colleagues can go on the hunt for new particles that could explain the mass of the Higgs boson.
  • Nordic Journal of Migration Research North-Europeans in Spain – new special issue of NJMR 2017-09-22 The latest issue of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research is a special issue titled “Liquids and Sediments: Practices of Community in the Context of Migration, Mobility and Transnationalism”. It has been co-edited by Erik Olsson.
  • A woman warrior at Birka 2017-09-20 War was not an activity exclusive to males in the Viking world. Women could be found in the higher ranks at the battlefield.

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Rektor Astrid Söderbergh Widding. Foto: Eva Dalin

Stockholm University is a prominent research university characterized by its independent basic research.

Astrid Söderbergh Widding
Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University

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