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  • Digital archive about China during 1800s and 1900s - trial 2017-10-17 The digital archive China from Empire to Republic about or from China during the period 1817-1949 is available for trial until 25 November.
  • Forskare från Stockholms universitet tar sedimentprov från havsbotten utanför Askö i Sörmland. Foto: Alessandra Vicenzi. Baltic clams and worms release as much greenhouse gas as 20 000 dairy cows 2017-10-13 Worms and clams enhance the release of methane up to eight times more compared to sea bottoms without animals, shows a study by scientists at Stockholm University and Cardiff University.
  • Research on new materials is funded within Horizon 2020 2017-10-12 The goal is to create new self-cleaning materials or extra water repellent coatings. The research is now being funded within the EU Horizon 2020 program.
  • Mikael Oliveberg. Foto: Niklas Björling. The life of cells – live! 2017-10-05 Soon we will have a nearly complete picture of the cell’s molecular machinery. The issue now is understanding how protein molecules work together to create a microcosm that is stable and functions as well as it does. Thanks to a 20 million SEK (2.5 million USD) grant, Michael Oliveberg and his colleagues can search for the answer.
  • Sara Strandberg. Foto: Vilhelm Stokstad. Quest for the unknown elementary particle 2017-10-05 One of particle physics’ biggest unsolved mysteries is how the Higgs particle can be so light, which is at odds with the prevailing theories. Thanks to a 35.2 million SEK (4.34 million USD) grant, Sara Strandberg and her colleagues can go on the hunt for new particles that could explain the mass of the Higgs boson.
  • Busy schedule for Honorary Doctor Lilian Thuram during Stockholm visit 2017-10-03 Lilian Thuram, French author and former football player spent a busy week in Stockholm in connection with receiving an Honorary Doctorate at Stockholm University.
  • Honorary doctors, new professors and doctors honored in City Hall 2017-10-02 The Stockholm City Hall was fully packed at Stockholm University's conferment ceremony of new doctors and new professors. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted the importance of the University's independent research and its importance to the surrounding society.
  • Need for information regarding the processing of personal data 2017-09-28 On 25 May 2018, the EU’s new data protection regulation will enter into force.
  • Trend towards free access 2017-09-28 Financiers and researchers are demanding increased access to research data and publications, and this development has already come a long way.
  • Researchers' Days: Effects of toxic boat paint/Large molecules in space 2017-09-27 Recent PhDs Maria Bighiu, Environmental Science, and Michael Gatchell, Physics, will give a double open lecture. The first part concerns how toxic paints on boats harm the environment. The second part concerns how some of the largest molecules in space are formed and evolve. The lecture is given as part of Researchers' Days 2017. Moderated by author Gabriella Ahlström.
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