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  • Right kind of collaboration is key to solving environmental problems 2017-08-18 Society’s ability to solve environmental problems is tied to how different actors collaborate and the shape and form of the networks they create, says a new study from researchers at Stockholm Resilience Centre which is published in the journal Science.
  • Stockholm becomes world’s focus for global sustainability as 1,000 experts meet 2017-08-17 From coral reefs to megacities – for six days global sustainability and resilience scientists will debate the future of Earth when over 1,000 experts on resilience and global sustainability meet in Stockholm for two major international conferences, 20-26 August, the largest gathering of its kind.
  • Researchers and fishing companies form coalition for sustainable seas 2017-08-09 Researchers from Stockholm Resilience Centre convened seafood companies to form a coalition to end unsustainable practices such as overfishing, modern slavery and destructive impacts on marine life.
  • A new Botulinum Neurotoxin discovered 2017-08-03 The first new Botulinum Neurotoxin in almost half a century has been discovered by researchers at Stockholm University and Harvard Medical School.
  • Professor Anders Nilsson Water Exists as Two Different Liquids 2017-06-28 Scientists at Stockholm University have discovered two phases of liquid water with large differences in structure and density.
  • Arctic subsea permafrost is thawing faster than thought 2017-06-27 The permafrost in the ocean bottom below the East Siberian Arctic Sea is thawing at a rate of 14 cm per year. That’s a lot faster than for permafrost on land and the process may eventually lead to increased global warming through increased release of methane according to a new study published by Nature Communications with Stockholm University scientists among the research team.
  • New insights into the toxin behind tetanus 2017-06-26 Tetanus toxin is the neurotoxin that causes lockjaw. Many are vaccinated, but tetanus still kills tens of thousands of people per year worldwide. Researchers from the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, led by Dr Pål Stenmark, have now uncovered the poison’s structure. For the first time, the way the poison is constructed has been revealed.
  • Queen Silvia presented the Stockholm Prize in Criminology 2017-06-22 This year’s recipient of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology is Professor Richard E. Tremblay. On June 20th, he was presented with the 2017 award by H. M. Queen Silvia at the Stockholm City Hall.
  • Makaker, och andra djur, har mycket svårt att hantera information som kommer i en viss ordning. Det kan vara just det som skiljer människor från andra djur. Foto: Johan Lind/N Memory for stimulus sequences distinguishes humans from other animals 2017-06-21 Humans possess many cognitive abilities not seen in other animals, such as a full-blown language capacity as well as reasoning and planning abilities. Despite these differences, it has been difficult to identify specific mental capacities that distinguish humans from other animals. Now reserachers have discovered that humans have a much better memory to recognize and remember sequential information.
  • Martin Jakobsson på isbrytaren Oden under en tidigare forskningsexpedition i Arktis. Mapping the world sea floor 2017-06-19 By 2030, the entire sea floor will be charted. The Nippon Foundation intends to provide 18.5 million USD and Stockholm University is one of four research centres involved.
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