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Nanouschka Myrberg Burström. Foto: Eva Dalin

Archaeology that elicits stories from coin treasures

Many people find old coins fascinating. To Nanouschka Myrberg Burström, they are also a window to our ancestors’ ways of socialising and thinking. The coins can reveal political and cultural processes, human traditions, or the fate of certain families.

Jessica Gustafsson

Jessica Gustafsson believes that media and how it’s used is key to understanding the world

Jessica Gustafsson’s research stretches from the leafy residential streets of Stockholm, to the slums of Nairobi. For it is there, in the heart of the Kenyan capital, that her research is proving how media can help underprivileged groups express themselves to achieve certain means.

Prefekt Arjen Stroeven

Arjen Stroeven—from student to Head of Department

Arjen Stroeven came to Sweden in 1987 to pursue his interest in Nordic Geography. Today, he’s professor and head of department at Stockholm University’s Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology.

"International academic community" makes Stockholm an exciting place to study

Patricia Shaughnessy is Senior Lecturer in International Procedural Law at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. "Stockholm is an exciting place to study," says Dr Shaughnessy. "There’s something special about being in a classroom with about twenty different nationalities represented, discussing and learning about the theory and practice of law. We’re able to share ideas and knowledge from around the world."

“People are so afraid to upset kids nowadays,

Malena Janson on how Swedish TV reflects society’s overprotective attitude to children

In the 70's, Swedish film and television producers wanted to discuss all aspects of life with children. But the video violence debate killed these ambitions. Today, Malena Janson, senior lecturer in film studies at Stockholm University, notices a return of fear of taking children seriously in film and television.

Laura Álvarez is coordinator for the international project

Laura Álvarez on a unique collaboration around Afro-Latin languages

Laura Álvarez is excited to be coordinating a project which brings together Stockholm University's Department of Spanish, Portugese and Latin American Studies, Universidade Estadual de Campinas in Brazil and Universidad de La República in Uruguay.

Marco Pecorari is helping put fashion on the academic map

Marco Pecorari, a doctoral student at the Centre for Fashion Studies working on the cultural significance of fashion ephemera, is thrilled to be working at Stockholm University: "You would never find a centre like this in Italy."

Dutchman Harko Verhagen came to Stockholm University as a PhD student. Fourteen years later he's still in Sweden, a docent at the University's Department of Computer and System Science (DSV). Photo: Jon Buscall.

Harko Verhagen leads Stockholm University's computer science "roadshow" to China

Dutchman Harko Verhagen came to Stockholm University as a PhD student. Fourteen years later he's still in Sweden, Associate Professor at the University's Department of Computer and System Science (DSV), which is based in Kista – the heart of Sweden's tech industry.