All employees at Stockholm University have the option to create personal accounts in Research Professional. The accounts automatically forward information by e-mail to the owner of the account when new calls are published. The personal accounts can be set to watch e.g. calls matching pre-defined keywords describing research areas of interest, or calls from certain sources of funding such as the European Commission or various Swedish sponsors. Thus, by setting up personal accounts, researchers at Stockholm University receive up-to-date information about available sources of research funding as soon as the calls are published.

Research Professional contains information about available funding and a large number of Swedish and international sponsors of research. Information about available funding of post–doc projects and travel grants is also available in the database. Research Professional is accessible from all computers within the Stockholm University network. - the research funding database

If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up your personal account, kindly contact the Research Support Office (Forskningsstöd fd. Forskningsservice).