Höst i Frescati

Our new Learning Management System = Athena!

The contest for naming the university's new learning management system (LMS) has been decided. There was a lot of interest in the contest, we received 106 contributions, and the decision has now been made.

Vulnerability found in WiFI encryption

A vulnerability that renders communication via WiFi unsecure has been discovered. Switch off WiFi on all your devices until a security patch has been issued.

Attempted phishing ”unusual sign-in activity” from Microsoft Outlook

There's a new phishing attempt directed to email users at Stockholm University. Don't click on any links if you have received this email!

Try the self service portal when you have IT problems

Find answers to your IT questions whenever you need them! In the self service portal you will find FAQ’s, guides and instructional videos for various IT systems and software. You can also place orders for IT Services, keys and keycards.

Surf the net almost anywhere with eduroam

With the wireless network eduroam you can get internet access in a variety of places off campus all over Sweden and even in the world using your regular password.


IT Services

Contact Helpdesk

Telephone: 08-16 1999

Telephone hours:

  • Workdays, shorter working hours in the summer 8.00 am-4:00 pm
    (May 1 - September 15)
  • Workdays, standard time 8.00 am-4:40 pm
      (September 16 - April 30)

IT Services in the University's staff catalogue