The university's telephone operator TDC Sweden was acquired by Tele2 in November 2016. As a result, all customers will now have to change to Tele2's network.

The network change will happen automatically during weeks 12 and 13, provided phones and other devices are switched on and connected to the network. The change will take place via a hidden text message (i.e. nothing that will be noticeable to the user), and when the network has been changed you will see Tele2 in your phone display instead of TDC (unless you have an iPhone).

It is very important that everyone has their devices (phones, tablets etc.) switched on and connected to the telephone network during weeks 12 and 13 when the change will occur.

The devices that haven’t been updated automatically will have to change SIM cards with all the hassle that comes with that, such as new PIN and PUK codes, transferring of contacts etc. Hopefully this won’t affect too many users.

The automatic update should work even if a user is out of the country, as long as the devices can receive text messages. When you return to Sweden, your device will be updated to the new settings automatically. All devices must be updated no later than April, as the Telia network will be turned off for TDC's customers, May 8.

Please note:

  • All devices that have a TDC SIM card (mobile phones, tablets, desk phones with SIM cards, etc.) must be switched on and connected to the mobile network weeks 12-13.
  • SIM cards that can’t be updated automatically will have to be replaced.