When the foundation of Bloms hus was cleaned and drained last year, the pink, fragrant rose at one corner of the building was accidentally dug up. It was a Poppius rose, introduced from the Experimental Field by Carl Stenberg in the mid-19th century and dedicated to Gabriel Poppius, who was the director of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture.


The dug-up rose inspired several people from the University to contact the property owner, Akademiska Hus, and request that a new Poppius rose be planted at Bloms hus. Their dedication was fruitful: the Bergius Botanic Garden arranged for Akademiska Hus to collect a Poppius rose from there, and in October the rose was planted in the small flowerbed created on the south side of Bloms hus.

Present during the planting were Gudrun Dahl, former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and one of the rose enthusiasts, and Leif Jonsson from Akademiska Hus.