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Rektor Astrid Söderbergh Widding. Foto: Eva Dalin

Come work with us!

Stockholm University is one of Europe's leading universities in one of the world's most dynamic capitals. Over 70,000 students makes us one of the largest educational institutions in Scandinavia and we are the largest research university in Sweden, with nearly 2000 total professors, lecturers and researchers, and total research funding of more than 290 million USD.

In addition to our research profile areas, we also pride ourselves on our national and international collaborations which focus on harnessing the knowledge created here to improve society and the world.

If you have already been offered a position you can always contact the coordinator for your department on specific matters.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University


Why do researchers choose Stockholm University?

Recent arrivals from 3 continents and 4 different fields talk about collegiality and research environment at Stockholm University

Stockholm University

Stockholm University, Södra huset. Photo: Orasis

One of the largest universities in Scandinavia, committed to education and research.


Stockholm 34  Photo: Ola Ericson

Stockholm is an international centre for research and innovation known for its natural setting, rich history, and high quality of life.

Handbook for international researchers

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