Foto: Anna-Karin Landin
Photo: Elsa Adrielsson Helin

Responsible for:

Department of Sociology
Department of Social Work
Swedish Institute for Social Research



Who may contact you, and with what kind of questions?

All researchers and teachers at the departments I am responsible for are welcome to discuss specific projects or general questions about collaboration. This may involve contacts with workplaces to arrange work placements or study visits, help finding agreement templates, or advice concerning applications for collaboration grants. To assist me in this work, I have access to resources at the External Relations and Communications Office, as well as the collective knowledge of the network of Appointed Liaison Officers.

What was it that attracted you to the assignment as Appointed Liaison Officer?

I have always combined my lectureship with contacts and assignments outside the University, so I have vast experience of collaboration. I believe that it has enriched my research, and I have also been able to bring knowledge and contacts to “both worlds”. Encouraging more collaboration in social science research is an important task and a great challenge.

What are you working on right now?

I just helped organise a commissioned course on a method that we at the Department of Sociology have specialist expertise in.  I also act as a sounding board and contribute to the Collaboration tab at the Department of Sociology. I look forward to discussing more applications for collaboration grants at all the departments I am responsible for. 

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