Photo: Anna-Karin Landin
Photo: Anna-Karin Landin

Responsible for the Chemistry Section:

Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics (DBB)

Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK)

Department of Neurochemistry

Department of Organic Chemistry



Who may contact you, and with what kind of questions?

All researchers and teachers at the departments I am responsible for are welcome to discuss specific projects or general questions about collaboration. This may involve contacts with workplaces to arrange work placements or study visits, help finding agreement templates, or advice concerning applications for collaboration grants. To assist me in this work, I have access to resources at the External Relations and Communications Office, as well as the collective knowledge of the network of Appointed Liaison Officers.

How would you like to contribute as an Appointed Liaison Officer?

As Appointed Liaison Officer, I report to the Section Dean for Chemistry, Professor Lennart Bergström. My goal is to be of service to researchers and solve their needs for support relating to collaboration. In my first year as Appointed Liaison Officer, Lennart and I have worked on making the past and present collaboration in the Chemistry Section more visible. The aim has been to take stock of the existing needs for collaboration within the Section, as well as inform students, doctoral students and postdocs about the job opportunities for chemists outside academia and what “impact” the chemistry conducted at Stockholm University has on society. As a part of this work, I disseminate information through the heads of departments at the Chemistry Section. This has enabled me to make contacts at the departments and demonstrate that Appointed Liaison Officers are available and what we can do. I serve as a link between the core operations and the service provided by the External Relations and Communications Office and the SU Innovation system.

What are you working on right now?

Within my 20% duties as Appointed Liaison Officer, I have just completed an internal report on current, and some previous, collaboration within chemistry with an emphasis on utilisation. This report has been presented to Kemisektionsberedningen, SOSI (Coordination Board for Collaboration and Innovation, advisory body to the Vice-Chancellor), and the External Relations and Communications Office. A presentation of material, in both Sweden and English, with good real-world examples of collaboration is currently being put together based on the results from the internal report.

Agreement templates for collaboration have been requested by researchers, and together with Agneta Stenborg, legal counsel at the Strategic Planning and Vice-Chancellor’s Office, I have developed such templates in both English and Swedish. As soon as I receive a request for new templates, I take care of this through my excellent contact Agneta.

In the autumn semester, two “Mini Events” have been organised together with IKEM on the labour marker for chemists in Sweden and elsewhere. IKEM’s representatives and I are currently following up these highly appreciated “Mini Events” in order to plan how to offer even better events for students, doctoral students, postdocs and teachers next year.

Collaboration grants have recently been announced by the External Relations and Communications Office on the Staff website. My job in this process is to spread the word about these grants and help researchers with their applications, as well as be involved in the decisions concerning applications for less than SEK 10,000.

Requests to coordinate alumni activities have also been received from the core activities. This will be my next assignment.

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