Photo : Anna-Karin Landin
Photo : Anna-Karin Landin

Responsible for:

- Human geography

- Economic history

- Social anthropology

- Political Science




Phone: 08 16 43 08

What attracted you to becoming a liaison officer?

Early on in my many years of being a study advisor and director of studies, I became interested in the relationship between the university and society as a whole, both in research and in teaching. Now, as a coordinator, I feel it’s important to examine the difficulties and obstacles that get in the way of successful collaborations. For this, you have to understand the importance of incentives in starting and growing a collaborative project. One way is to make sure that everyone in the different departments I work with knows about the funds available for collaboration. Another important aspect is to draw attention to the value of long-term planning when it comes to co-operation and collaboration.

What are you working on now?

Right now my hands are full with planning, alongside Malin Stenberg, our joint “house party” in the Geoscience Building on 30 November. The theme is “Collaboration” and the projects presented will include some collaborations led by researchers and teachers from the Geoscience Building. Thinking ahead, I would like to develop the alumni networks that already exist and create stronger ties to the researchers and teachers in the university. Thirdly, I would like to find incentives that would inspire more people to start collaborating. 

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