The reduced number of applications is mainly due to the higher education institutions having decreased the number of international courses and programmes at the undergraduate level by 15 percent, from 421 courses spring semester 2014 to 357 courses in 2015, writes the Swedish Council for Higher Education in a press release.

Stockholm University, however, has an unchanged number of applicants for the four master's programs starting in spring 2015, with 118 applicants this round against 120 candidates in 2014. The programmes offered are:
• Master's Programme in Biology
• Master's Programme in Marine Biology
• Master's Programme in Microbiology
• Master's Programme in Molecular Life Sciences

With 354 candidates now, against 511 candidates in 2014, the number of applicants to the international courses for the spring semester 2015 at the Stockholm University has decreased by 26 percent compared to the same period last year. By far the largest number of applicants for the spring is from Pakistan. The course “Children, culture and globalisation” is the most popular, closely followed by “Political Science in English 1”. The decline in the number of applicants has been made in light of a reduced range of especially international courses.
The next step in the admissions process is the first selection. The applicants for international courses and programmes at the undergraduate level will receive their first acceptance letter on October 15, while applicants to master's programs will have to wait until October 20.