The deadline for applications is 17 December, and applications must include a CV, a letter of application demonstrating scientific results and plans for future research, a list of publications, three referees and a letter of invitation from the head of a department at Stockholm University. More information is available at

Sabbatical semesters

Sabbatical semesters are another part of the internationalisation efforts. SEK 20 million have been allocated to enabling permanently employed teachers at Stockholm University to conduct research for at least five months at a foreign university. The Vice-Chancellor decides on the distribution of funds based on the Board of Science and the Board of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences’ priorities of applications based on scientific quality. If two or more applications are of equal scientific quality, priority is given to candidates who will spend their sabbatical at one of the seven universities that are part of the programme for transnational partnerships.

This first call is for sabbatical semesters in 2013. Decisions can be expected before Christmas. The deadline for applications was 3 December. In the spring there will be another call for applications for sabbatical semesters in the academic year 2013/14. The deadline for applications will then be 2 April.