Reducing traffic at Frescati
The traffic free area of the campus is marked with a blue line, whilst the green hatched areas are parking areas.

To help us achieve this we would like to ask all to consider the following:

  • Drive as little as possible on the pathways. If this is nonetheless necessary, make sure to drive at walking speed.
  • Use the parking areas and walk to the work area.
  • If a service vehicle must be used, drive up to the delivery site and unload – then move your vehicle to the designated parking area
  • If the service vehicle must be parked close to the work area, make sure to park in such a way that emergency vehicles can get through. This is especially important around Södra huset
  • Avoid travelling through the area by car or truck, drive around
  • Use the goods reception at the Aula Magna and take the materials via the culvert. The address here is: Godsmottagningen, Frescativägen 8.