For some bibliometric analyses, such as the annual analysis according to the Norwegian model and the analysis for the monitoring of Stockholm University's yearly operational plan, data are collected from the University’s publication database DiVA. For these analyses, only publications registered in DiVA are included. Please note that the University Library does regular imports from Web of Science to DiVA of the publication types Article in journal and Article, review/survey, and will continue with imports of the 2012 entries until 19 March.

For the reported statistics to be correct, it is important that publications are registered in DiVA. A data export from DiVA was made on 14 January for the 2012 Annual Report, but for the analyses according to the Norwegian model and the follow-up of the 2012 operational plan publications registered before 19 March will be counted.

Making the two exports in the middle of January and the second half of March will probably be the standard in the future.

Register in DiVA

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