In the event of a large scale radiological emergency, the sorting (triage) of individuals according to their degree of exposure forms an important initial step of the accident management. Although clinical signs and symptoms of a serious exposure may be used for
radiological triage, they are not necessarily radiation specific and can lead to a false diagnosis. Biodosimetry is a method based on the analysis of radiation-induced changes in cells of the human body or in portable electronic devices and enables the unequivocal identification of exposed people who should receive medical treatment.

Within the MULTIBIODOSE project that was coordinated by the SU, researchers from several EU laboartories developed and validated biodosimetric assays and adapted and tested them as tools for biological dose assessment in a mass casualty event. The mail goal was to increase both the speed of analysis and the total biodosimetric capacity of the MBD laboratories.

Special focus was put on situations when dose estimates for large number of individuals will be required by health service professionals and radiation protection authorities in a
short period of time.

Here you can hear the program on Vetenskapsradion.

Information about the Multidose project