Professor Andrzej Wojcik
Professor Andrzej Wojcik

UNSCEAR was established on 3 December 1955 when the General Assembly unanimously approved resolution 913(X). Sweden has been an active participant from the very start;  the original committee was composed of senior scientists from 15 UN Member States, namely Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, the UK, the USA and the USSR. Currently, there are 27 countries with active representation at UNSCEAR meetings. UNSCEAR is charged with providing information to the UN General Assembly and primarily mandated to:

- receive and assemble in an appropriate and useful form radiological information furnished by States Members of the United Nations or members of the specialized agencies regarding:

(i) reports on observed levels of ionizing radiation and radioactivity in the environment 

(ii) reports on scientific observations and experiments relevant to the effects of ionizing radiation upon man and his environment already under way or later undertaken by national scientific bodies or by authorities of national Governments

- recommend uniform standards with respect to procedures for sample collection and instrumentation, and radiation counting procedures to be used in analyses of samples