These enable applicants with a PhD from outside the life sciences, who have had limited exposure to biology during their previous training, to work on innovative basic research into fundamental biological problems, with emphasis placed on novel approaches that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Applicants must have been awarded their doctoral degrees in the three years prior to the submission deadline. They must have at least one lead author paper accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed international journal where they are either single, first or joint first author. Candidates from outside the HSFP supporting countries may apply to work only in supporting countries, while candidates from supporting countries may apply to work anywhere except their own country. Candidates cannot apply to work in an institution where they are already based or have previously spent more than 12 months.

Funding is available for three years and includes living, relocation, research and travel, child and parental leave allowances. The value of the allowances is based on the country in which the fellowship is carried out.

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