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An origin of Baltic Sea knowledge

A lot of the knowledge we have about the Baltic Sea is linked to the Askö Laboratory in some way. Scientists from the whole world have studied the environment here, and it is also the place where substantial parts of the Swedish marine monitoring programmes were developed. For the past 50 years the bays around the field station have taught thousands of students field-research and knowledge about the Baltic Sea environment.

Klotet på Askölaboratoriet

Swedish Radio about oxygen depletion

A recent episode of the scientific radio program SR Klotet focused on oxygen depletion on the Baltic Sea seafloor. Three of our experts contributed with their knowledge.

Askö Day opening by the Dean

First Askö Day gathered many

On November 20th 2014 the first Askö Day was organized with the aim to present the excellent research that is carried out at the Askö Laboratory.

Askö Laboratory in numbers

Askö Laboratory in numbers

At Askö Laboratory research, monitoring and education is carried out throughout the year. The station is open on equal terms to researchers from all over Sweden and the world. This movie gives you a quick tour and 20 fast facts in less than two minutes.

Contact Askö

Phone: +46-8-5537 85 80

619 92 Trosa