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An origin of Baltic Sea knowledge

A lot of the knowledge we have about the Baltic Sea is linked to the Askö Laboratory in some way. Scientists from the whole world have studied the environment here, and it is also the place where substantial parts of the Swedish marine monitoring programmes were developed. For the past 50 years the bays around the field station have taught thousands of students field-research and knowledge about the Baltic Sea environment.

Impact of climate change on the marine environment, group picture at Askö

How is a changing climate linked to my Baltic Sea research?

During a one-week course 16 well-renowned experts connected climate change to our most studied Baltic Sea issues, such as; biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle and food web structures. It resulted in equipping 20 young researchers from all around the Baltic Sea with new problem-solving skills and knowledge that might help develop strategies for a sustainable Baltic Sea management.

Elisabeth Mann Borgese

Successful SWE-GER Baltic Sea course

The returning international Baltic Sea course that Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, IOW, and Stockholm University jointly organize has just ended. During one week 20 Swedish and German students have learned and practised research methods for studying the Baltic Sea, from the seascape to the nearest coastal zone.

Bojen sjösätts av Askös personal

Environmental conditions at Askö measured in real-time

At station B1 right outside the Askö Laboratory an automatic measuring buoy records oceanographic data in real-time. It is part of a network of similar measuring buoys along Sweden’s coast.

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Current conditions at B1/Askö

Mätbojsdata Askö

At Askö we operate one of six swedish oceanographic measuring buoys. Keep track of its sampling on salinity, temperature, oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, wind direction and wind speed directly at: