Baltic Bridge

Stockholm-Helsinki Baltic Sea collaboration

Group photo Baltic Bridge collaboration

Baltic Bridge - bridging gaps in Baltic Sea science

There has been a long history of research collaboration between the two universities of Helsinki and Stockholm and the research stations Tvärminne and Askö. The collaboration has been at the level of individual researchers and individual projects. A new strategic partnership decided by the universities in March 2014, gives this collaboration a more formal status and facilitates the forming of new links between researchers, development of joint course activities and potentially also development of infrastructure.

Joint workshops and positions

The Baltic Sea research part of the collaboration is led by the Baltic Sea Centre and Tvärminne Zoological Station. So far two postdoctoral researchers who are experts on coastal zones in the Baltic Sea has been employed. In early 2015 a joint seminar was held that gathered almost 50 Baltic Sea researchers from the two universities. A research workshop was held at Askö in April 2016

Group photo Baltic Bridge collaboration

Finnish and Swedish researchers aim to solve the Baltic Sea puzzle

In the joint project Baltic Brigde, researchers at Helsinki University and Stockholm University combine their Baltic Sea expertise, to help decision-makers and business sector act for the best management of the Baltic Sea. For the first time this project was presented for external actors at the Finnish Embassy in February.

Free-living bladderwrack in the Baltic Sea Photo: Susanne Qvarfordt


This Baltic Bridge project will try to resolve the functional role and way of reproduction of 'free-living' bladderwrack that can be found living unattached on soft bottoms in sheltered bays.

Grow dense, make sense? Diving inventory

Grow dense, make sense?

A Baltic Bridge project to investigate the role of drift algae, aquatic plant density and traits for secondary production and shelter from predation.

TZS benthic ecology team to investigate the metabolism of different Baltic Sea habitats

The breathing seascape

Funding has been granted for a new Baltic Bridge project on resolving ecosystem metabolism and habitat-function relationships across coastal habitats.

Stockholm University and Helsinki University Baltic Sea collaboration

Contact persons

  • Stockholm University, Baltic Sea Centre Christoph Humborg, +46 8-674 76 68, christoph.humborg(at)
  • Helsinki University, Tvärminne Zoological Station Alf Norkko, +358 (0)50 568 67 66, alf.norkkko(at)



Gruppfoto vid möte på Tvärminne zoologiska station

Stockholm University and University of Helsinki have entered into a strategic partnership with special focus on Baltic Sea research, including researcher training and infrastructure development.