Vindval - Research on wind power and marine life

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About Vindval

Vindval is a knowledge-based program that collects and disseminates facts about how wind turbines affect humans, nature and the environment. The program is run by the Environmental Protection Agency and funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Link list

Group of experts and report authors

  • Lena Bergström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Lena Kautsky, Stockholm University
  • Torleif Malm, Stockholm University
  • Hans Ohlsson, wpd Offshore Stockholm AB
  • Magnus Wahlberg, Fjord & Bælt, Denmark
  • Rutger Rosenberg, University of Gothenburg/Marine Monitoring AB
  • Henrik Skov, DHI, Denmark
  • Nastassja Åstrand Capetillo, Stockholm University