Ulrika Mörth
In 2007, I established a Scandinavian research network on public-private relations. I organised a workshop in May the same year, with participants coming in from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The invitation sent out in February stated that they were welcome to Frescati 10-12 May. In March-April, I received some emails from people who wondered why they had received plane tickets to Stockholm for a workshop in May. We were going to be in Italy, were we not? It said Frescati!
The participants came to Stockholm and we had two wonderful days in May, so I do not think they were too disappointed that it was in Stockholm and not some place in Italy. Where in Italy is Frescati? Is that not just a name for a beautiful place? Perhaps that was what Gustav III was thinking when he gave our campus such an exotic and elegant name. I often think of the story of my workshop when I write “welcome to Frescati” to my international research colleagues. That ambiguity is so delightful. Sure, the name Frescati may not seem that appropriate in November, but closer to May, when the leaves open and everything is so green out here, the name Frescati, Stockholm definitely feels right!
Narrator: Ulrika Mörth