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Om mig

Natasha Webster is post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University.  Natasha's current research focuses on feminist economic geography by exploring the role of women-led entrepreneurship in migration and integration. Her PhD dissertation examined questions of identity and place-making, women-led entrepreneurship and migration. She has conducted studies in Thailand, China, Sweden and Canada. She holds a M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Toronto. She speaks English and Swedish.

Current Research Project:

"Opportunities and Obstacles: Identifying hidden resources and skills to promote entrepreneurship among migrant women in Swedish regions" with Karen Haandrikman, Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas) for three years (2016–2018). 


Masters level:
Migration and Social Change – A life course perspective, Instructor
Planning in Sweden and Nordic Countries, Instructor
Urban and Regional Planning in Europe, Instructor
Planning and Policy, Instructor
Advanced Method in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, Instructor
Co-supervision of master's thesis
Undergraduate level:
Geography 1, Instructor
Geografiska strukturer och samhälle, Instructor
Swedish Geography, Instructor
Supervision of Undergraduate theses



Webster, N.A. Forthcoming 2017. “Parental Leave: Planning, Plotting and Passing” The Nordic Ph.D: Surviving and succeeding. Peter Lang Publishing 

Webster, N.A. and Haandrikman, K. 2017. Thai women entrepreneurs in Sweden: Critical perspectives on migrant small businesses. Women's Studies International Forum, 60C, 17 - 27

Caretta, M.A. and Webster, N.A. 2016. “What kept me going was stubbornness”: Perspectives from Swedish early career women academics in geography.Investigaciones Feministas. Vol. 7, nr 2, 89-113. DOI: 10.5209/INFE.52911

Webster, N.A. 2016. Gender and Social Practices in Migration: The case of Thai women in rural Sweden. Published Doctoral dissertation from the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University: Stockholm. (See open access link)

Webster, N. A. and Caretta, M.A., 2016. “Women in groups can help each and learn from each other”.  The role of homosocial practices in shaping and renegotiating the local gender contract. Géneros. Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 5(3), 1072-1095. doi: 10.17583/generos.2016.1992

Webster, N.A. and Haandrikman, K. 2016. Thai women in Sweden: Victims or participants? Social Sciences Asia, 2(1), 13 – 29. doi:10.14456/ssa.2016.4

Webster, N.A. 2015. Vippan Playground: Can a local meeting place survive in neoliberal Stockholm? Localities 5, 171-178.

Caretta, M.A., Kuns, B. and Webster, N.A.  2014. Praktiska, metodologiska och emotionella utmaningar i fält. En diskurs att utvecklas inom geografi. Geografiska Notiser, 72 (3) 117 – 126.

Chen X., Cai J., Yang Z. and Webster, N.A. 2014. Set Relationships between Tourists' Authentic Perceptions and Authenticity of World Heritage Resources. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 5(1), 20-31.

Book Reviews

Webster, N. 2016. Book Review. Birch, P (2015)Why Men Buy Sex: Explaining Sex worker clients. Routledge Studies in Crime and Society 2015. NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies

Webster, N. 2014. Book Review: Hübinette, Tobias, Hörnfeldt, Helena, Farahani, Fataneh & Rosales, René León (eds.) (2012) Om ras och vithet i det samtida Sverige, Botkyrka: Mångkulturellt centrum. Nordic Journal of Migration Research 4(1), 49.

In the Media

Interview on Sverigesradio English ”Why Thai Business women are thriving in Sweden” aired Thursday July 13 2017, 10:00.  

'Thailändska företagare ger liv till landsbygder' Interview with Jonas Gustaffson from ESBRI: Institutet för entreprenörskaps- och småföretagsforskning - Entré nr 2, 2017

'Nordegren och Epstein i P1' Radio interview aired Mondag January 30 2017, 15:04

Webster, N. January 30 2017. "Thailändska kvinnor som företagare" Debate article in Norrköpings Tidningar.

Upcoming Conference Activities:

Webster, N and Haandrikman, K. “Unpacking privilege: Exploring privileged migrant women’s entrepreneurship in the Swedish Labour Market” Oral Presentation at the Immigration and Labour Market Integration. A European Challenge for the 21st Centrury. November 13–15, 2017, Gothenburg Sweden 
Haandrikman, K. and Webster, N. “Mångfald dag [title to be determined]” November 2, 2017, Sundsvall Sweden


Past Conference and Invited Presentations: 

Webster, N. et al. Workshop convenor. "Mobilities, gender, racial and other social inequalities in rural Europe"The XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress, Krakow, Poland. 24 -27 July 2017

Webster, N. and Siim, P. Session convenors. "Everyday mobilities: family and individual experiences of translocalities" Nordic Geographers Meeting 2017. Please see link for call for papers. 

Webster, N. and Caretta, M.A. Session convenors. "Women in geography: is there a disciplinary glass ceiling? Nordic Geographers Meeting 2017. Please see link for call for papers. 

Webster, N.  "Rural-to-rural translocalism: The entrepreneurial practices of Thai migrant women in rural Sweden" at the Stockholm Sessions on Migration, February 2017

Webster N.: Session Organizer. "Daily practices and global countrysides" , at the  IRSA Congress 2016, Toronto, Canada, 10 -14 August 2016, at Ryerson University

Webster N and Woods, M: Panel Discussion Organizers, "Researching the Everyday Global Countryside" at the  IRSA Congress 2016, Toronto, Canada, 10 -14 August 2016, at Ryerson University

Webster, N, with Forum for Feminist Research: Panel Discussion Organizer and Moderator. The Refugee Crisis – For whom? (Flyktingkris – för vem?) March 17, 2016 at Södra Teatre in Stockholm

Webster, N. and Haandrikman, K. 2015. "No Matter What They Say, You Just Smile": Thai women-led entrepreneurship in Sweden”,.Security and Migration in Southeast Asia. Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies at University of Helsinki, Finland. October 2105
Webster N. and Forsberg, G. 2015. “Food for Integration - Translocal practices and culinary reformation”.  Nordic Geographers Meeting 2015 at Tallinn University, Estonia. June 2015
Webster, N. and Caretta, M.A.  2015. “Gender contracts”. Invited Guest Seminar at Kvinnor till Kvinnor, Stockholm. May 2015
Caretta, M.A. and Webster, N. 2015. “Methods and emotions while doing field work”. Invited Guest Seminar at The Geographical Society of Uppsala, at Uppsala University. May 2015
Caretta, M.A. and Webster, N. 2013. “Gender contract negotiation: the role of women´s communities of practice. A theorethical analysis of two case studies from Eastern Africa and Thai migrants in Sweden”.  Nordic Geographers Meeting 2013 at Reykjavik University, Iceland.  June 2013

Webster, N. 2012. “Spiced Meatballs and Mango Sylt: Translocal daily life of Thai women in rural Sweden”.  World Congress on Rural Socialogy XII, Lisabon, Portugal. August 2012
Webster, N. and Haandrikman, K. 2012. “Thai women in rural Sweden: Victims or participant?”. Invited Guest Seminar at SUDA, Stockholm University, Sweden.. April 2012
Webster, N. 2011. “Qualitative Methods for Planners”. Invited Guest Seminar at Nordregio, Stockholm, Sweden. October 2011


Scientific Affiliations:

Association of American Geographers; Canadian Association of Geographers

Peer Reviewer for:

Environment and Planning A, Qualitative Research, Nordic Journal of Migration Research, ACME, Journal of Rural Studies, Genus: Journal of Population Sciences

Community Service:

Board member of Forum för feministisk forskning (Forum for Feminist Research)

Local Planning Committee Member- Nordic Geographer's Meeting June 18-21 2017, Stockholm Sweden.

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