Tanja Slotte

Tanja Slotte

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Arbetar vid Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik
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Om mig

I am a population geneticist who uses genomic data and methods to study classic evolutionary transitions such as mating system shifts and polyploidy. I am especially interested in how selection affects different classes of sites across plant genomes, as well as in how and why the efficacy of natural selection differs among species.

I received my PhD from Uppsala University in 2007. As a post-doctoral fellow with Stephen Wright, I worked on the demographics of speciation and mating system evolution. As an Assistant Professor at Uppsala University, I started my own group working on plant evolutionary genomics. In April 2014 I took up a position as Associate Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab. I became docent in Ecological Genomics at Stockholm University in December 2016.


I am course responsible for the course Biological Statistics II from fall 2016 and I give lectures on evolutionary genomics in various other courses.


There are five main ongoing research projects in the group:

  • Evolutionary consequences of plant mating system shifts

  • Effects of linked selection on plant genomic variation

  • Adaptive significance of regulatory changes in association with plant speciation

  • The evolutionary consequences of dominance at the plant self-incompatibility locus

  • Testing the utility of massively parallel sequencing on ancient sediments

You can find more information on these projects here.

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