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Thomas Staveley


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Om mig


I am carrying out my PhD entitled “Landscape ecology and ecological connectivity: exploring seascape patterns and ecological processes for conservation of fish communities”

This project aims to increase the understanding of how the coastal seascape structure associate to spatial distribution, abundance and diversity of fish assemblages. This will lead to an improved knowledge on patterns and strength of connectivity within the marine landscape of shallow-water habitat patches. Field research is carried out on the Swedish west coast (in Bohuslän).

Currently, I am investigating movement patterns of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) throughout the shallow-water temperate seascape, through the use of acoustic telemetry.


I am part of the Seasgrass Ecology & Physiology Research Group with supervision from Assoc. Prof. Martin Gullström (main) and Prof. Mats Björk. Also co-supervised by Prof. Regina Lindborg (Dep. of Physical Geography, SU).


General research interests:

- Marine spatial ecology
- Faunal assemblages in temperate coastal environments
- Marine conservation issues



Staveley, T. A. B., Perry, D., Lindborg, R. and Gullström, M. (2017). Seascape structure and complexity influence temperate seagrass fish assemblage composition. Ecography 40: 936–946. doi:10.1111/ecog.02745.


Nilsson, L., Ogonowski, M. and Staveley, T.A.B. (2016). Factors affecting the local distribution of the Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis in Baltic offshore waters. Wildfowl 66: 142–158.


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