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Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities

According the Discrimination Act, the university should yearly establish a plan of the actions to be taken to promote equal rights and opportunities for students and applicants to courses at the university in order to prevent harassment and discrimination.

Decision by the Vice-Chancellor 21.11.2013, ref. no. SU FV-2.12.1-3482-13.
The plan replaces previous plans: Plan for Equal Rights and Opportunities 2012 (SU 673-1266-12), Likabehandlingsplan 2013 (SU 40-3642-12), Plan för breddad rekrytering 2013 (SU FV-1.1.2-1944-13) and Plan för tillgänglighet 2012–2014 (SU 149-1267-12).

Responsible unit: Student Services
Contact person: Coordinator for equal treatment of students

The plan for equal rights and opportunities now includes the three former plans for equal treatment, widening participation and accessibility; Likabehandlingsplan, Plan för breddad rekrytering and Plan för tillgänglighet. The aim for the new plan is to be more transparent and to clarify local level responsibilities concerning the work for equal rights to those in departments/equivalent.

Results from the follow up work for equal rights and opportunities in 2012 revealed that only 14 departments had completed at least three active actions while just as many indicated that there was a plan for handling discrimination cases. Equal rights and opportunities regardless of background is a quality issue and the university has a higher ambition than what is reflected in the local work. Therefore demands have been introduced in 2014 on departments to implement specific activities. Previously the plans only contained recommendations for the departments.

Departments and units with student contact should inter alia annually conduct at least three measures to promote equal rights and opportunities and prevent harassment.

The current plan, previous years 'plans and follow-up of previous years' plans are available on the University website at "Jämlikhet & likabehandling/Handlingsplaner”. The plans of previous years are only in Swedish.

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