Foto: Lundahl & Seitl
Foto: Lundahl & Seitl

"On Saturday the 20th of May we need as many people as possible to gather on the field behind Stockholm University to film a drone shoot. The only we can offer for your participation is: Sunshine (it will be over 20 degrees that day) green grass and a joyful time out at one of Stockholm’s greatest places;) and of course FIKA... there will be coffee, bullar and other refreshments.

We will first meet 11 am at 'Gula Villan' (the yellow house) marked in the location link below, and then go together to start the filming on the field behind the house.

Find the venue by clicking at: Gula villan 104 05 Stockholm

Looking forward to seeing you!!!"


Christer & Martina

Unknown Cloud

In September the artist duo Lundahl & Seitl is showing two projects together with Acclerator a new venue for Contemporary Art and Science at Stockholm University.

One of these projects is the making of the AI application: 'Caretaker' used to track and interpret the phenomenon called Unknown Cloud. On Saturday the duo will also ask people to participate in a 3D voice recording, forming the basis of an archive and the voice identity of 'Caretaker'.

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