SPaDE researchers have generated about 240.9 million SEK, beyond the center grant itself, for research and infrastructure development:

Andersson, Gunnar. Swedish families in the past and present: Family structure and kinship over 250 years. 3.03 M SEK during 2014-2016. Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.

Andersson, Gunnar. Stockholm University SIMSAM Node for Demographic Research. 25.0 M SEK granted by the Swedish Research Council, Vetenskapsrådet, by means of the Swedish Initiative for research on Microdata in the Social and Medical Sciences (SIMSAM), for the period 2014-2018.

Andersson, Gunnar. Register-based Research in Nordic Demography. 24.7 M SEK during 2008-2013 (VR).

Andersson, Gunnar. Welfare, labor-market status and family dynamics. 2.5 M SEK during 2009-2011 (FAS).

Andersson, Eva, Bo Malmberg and Pontus Hennerdal. Education attitudes, parental preferences, and school performance in a changing educational landscape. 4.5 M SEK during 2015-2017 (VR).

Bernhardt, Eva. Domestic gender equality and modern family patterns: Analysis of Swedish Panel data for the 21st century. 2.8 M SEK during 2009-2012 (FAS).

Billingsley, Sunnee. Construction of the Changing Life Course Regimes in Eastern Europe (CliCR) database. 415 000 SEK during 2012 (SCOHOST).

Billingsley, Sunnee. The demographic imprint of social mobility: Fertility and mortality in Sweden. 2.85 M SEK during 2012-2016 (FAS).

Boye, Katarina. Family work and wages in Sweden and Europe. 2.0 M SEK during 2011-2013 (FAS).

Boye, Katarina. The division of temporary parental leave and its consequences for women’s and men’s wage trends. 0.95 M SEK during 2010-2012 (IFAU).

Boye, Katarina and Marie Evertsson. Parenting ideals and their realization. Parents' perceptions of what helps and hinders shared parenting in Sweden. 1.9 M SEK during 2015-2016 (Försäkringskassan).

Brandén, Maria and Karen Haandrikman. Apples that fall far from the trees. Childhood social context and its importance for intergenerational social mobility. 2 610 000 SEK During 2016-2018 (VR).

Duvander, Ann-Zofie. Forerunners in family behaviour and gender equality. New trends among young adults in Sweden. 2.9 M SEK during 2013-2015 (FAS).

Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Marie Evertsson, Sunnee Billingsley and Kelly Musick. His and her earnings following parenthood and implications for social inequality:Cohort and cross-national comparisons. 3 M SEK (VR).

Duvander, Ann-Zofie, Marie Evertsson, Sunnee Billingsley and Kelly Musick. Inkomstfördelning för föräldrapar och dess betydelse för inkomstojämlikhet mellan familjer. En jämförelse över tid och mellan länder. 2.9M SEK during 2016-2018 (Forte).

Endström-Öst, Cecilia. The importance of housing for childbearing, education and work. 2.53 M SEK during 2015-2017 (Forte).

Evertsson, Marie. Between dream and reality. International and national studies of parenting and work from a gender perspective. 3.0 M SEK during 2009-2011 (VR). Includes funding for project participants Katarina Boye (SOFI) and Jenny Ahlberg (Örebro University).

Evertsson, Marie and Katarina Boye. Parental leave, temporary parental leave and its consequences for women’s and men’s wage trends. 1 M SEK during 2011- 2012 (Försäkringskassan).

Evertsson, Marie. The sharing of parental leave and paid work in heterosexual and female same-sex couples. 3.08 M SEK during 2015-2017 (Forte).

Ferrarini, Tommy. Family Policy, Labour Markets and Stress at Home and at Work. 2.7 M SEK during 2007-2011 (VR).

Ferrarini, Tommy. Social Policy Indicator Database. 5.0 M SEK during 2011-2013 (RJ).

Ferrarini, Tommy. Changing generational welfare contracts: Fair institutions and outcomes in Sweden and Europe. 3.9 M SEK during 2011-2013 (FAS).

Härkönen, Juho. Socio-economic differences in family demographic behavior: Trends and intergenerational implications. 3.37 M SEK during 2011-2013 (FAS).

Härkönen, Juho. Nordic Register Researcher Network. 800 000 NOK during 2011-2013 (Nordforsk).

Härkönen, Juho. Tackling Inequalities in Time of Austerity (TITA). 1.2M Euro to SU (4.5M Euro) during 2015-2017 (Academy of Finland).

Haandrikman, Karen. Residential segregation in Europe. 1.64 M Euro during 2014-2017 (JPI Urban Europe).

Lappegård, Trude. Family dynamics, fertility choices and family policy. Norwegian Research Council. 12 M NOK during 2010-2015 (Norwegian Research Council).

Lappegård, Trude. Nordic family policy and demographic consequences. 8.5 M NOK during 2012-2016 (ERC starting grant supported by the Norwegian Research Council).

Neyer, Gerda, Johan Dahlberg, Li Ma. Swedish Contextual Database for the Swedish Generations and Gender Survey. 548 000 SEK in 2016 (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond).

Nieuwenhuis, Rense. Investing against poverty: The changing balance between public service provision, cash benefits and employment in Europe. 1,6 M SEK (Forte).

Oláh, Livia. Planning grant for SSH.2012.3.2-1. Changing families and sustainable societies: Policies and diversity over the life course and across generations, 150 000 SEK during 2012 (FAS).

Oláh, Livia. Explaining very low fertility in postindustrial societies: an unconventional approach. 4.35 M SEK during 2012-2014 (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond).

Oláh, Livia. FamiliesAndSocieties - Changing families and sustainable societies: Policies and diversity over the life course and across generations”. 6.5 M Euro during 2013-2017 (Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission).

Thomson, Elizabeth and Gunnar Andersson. Swedish Generations and Gender Survey. 12.5 M SEK during 2011-2012 (RJ and VR).

Thomson, Elizabeth and Gunnar Andersson. Planning for a Swedish Generations and Gender Survey. 0.54 M SEK during 2010 (VR).

Thomson, Elizabeth. Co-residence and family complexity in Sweden, based on GGS-data. 5.428 M SEK during 2015-2018 (VR)