Lärarlyftet II

Lärarlyftet II is an opportunity to gain additional qualifications, for example a new subject or age group.

The target group in Lärarlyftet II is qualified teachers with a teacher's degree/teacher qualification and leisure time pedagogues.

Since 2013 Lärarlyftet II also offers the following programme:

Special Needs Training. Specialization: Intellectual Disabilities, 90 ECTS.



Förskolelyftet – an opportunity for all professionals within the Swedish pre-school to get in-service training linked to the Curriculum for Pre-School, LPFÖ 98, revised 2010.


For further information or contact, please contact the team in Lärarlyftet II and Förskolelyftet.

Ulla-Brita Ekqvist, Project Manager Lärarlyftet II, ulla-brita.ekqvist@su.se

Eva Arered, Project Manager Förskolelyftet, eva.arered@su.se

Sandra Ericson, Project Administrator, sandra.ericson@su.se

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