The Department of Oriental Languages was established at Stockholm University during the 1960´s, with research and education in Asian and Middle Eastern languages and cultures, mainly Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. During the long history of the department, research and education have also been practised in Indology and courses have been given in the Turkish, Hebrew and Persian languages – among others. The name of the department – Oriental Languages – was changed in 2015 to its current name: Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies.

Today, the department has research and education within the Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, as well as area studies within the two main areas of studies: Asian Languages and Cultures as well as Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. Affiliated with the department is also, since 2012, the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies, SUITS. Around 700 students study every year within one of the department´s subjects.


The department moved into its present buildings in “Kräftriket” in 1993. The building was originally constructed in 1913 and was at the time used as housing for the principle and professors of the Veterinary University College. Today, staff of the Korean, Japanese and Chinese subjects, as well as of SUITS, is located in Kräfriket 4 and staff of the Arabic and Middle Eastern subjects is located in Kräfriket 1. Affiliated with the department is also the Asian Library in Kräftriket 21, originally the housing of the Veterinary University College´s student union.


The department employs around 50 people. The Head of Department is responsible for all activities of the department, and is assisted by a directorate consisting of the Deputy Head of Department, the Head of Administration and the department´s two Directors of studies. There is a Departmental Board, which is the highest decision making unit of the department. There is also a Student council, open for students of all subjects at first and second cycle studies, as well as a council for PhD students of the department. Both of these councils are represented at the Departmental Board. The Head of Administration and the Economic Administrator of the department handle administration of economic and staff matters.

Department Management:

  • Head of Department: Monika Gänssbauer
  • Deputy Head of Department: Gunnar Linder
  • Head of Administration: Anneli Hilmersson