Under Student Office you will find information about application and admission, rules, examinations, the Student Union and the like. You will also find all sorts of practical information concerning you as a student, whether you are a new student or have studied at the Department before.

Application and admission

In order to begin your studies at Stockholm University, you need to apply for the course or programme you wish to study at www.universityadmissions.se. Read more here:


Before you begin your studies, you must register for the courses you have been admitted to. The Department uses Web registration for the courses you have applied for at universityadmissions.se, which means that you register yourself at the Web service “Mina studier” (www.student.ladok.se/student/loggain).

Syllabuses, Reading Lists and other Course information

You will find the Syllabus and Reading lists for your particular course under the heading for each course. You can also read information about the current term (lesson planning, study questions, changes to the timetable and the like) at Mondo.

Student Office

At the Student Office you can register for courses (in cases where you can't register through the web), get certificates for your credits, obtain course information, report a break in your studies, report a change in your address and the like. Contact: exp@orient.su.se

Student Counselor/Director of Studies

The Student Counselor and the Director of Studies will help you choose the right course, plan and carry out your studies, count and register your credits, take a break in your studies, get special support and provide information about the labour market.

Student Council

As a student at the Department you are also a member of the Student Council. The Student Council covers and plays an active part in the Department’s work and also has representatives on the Department’s Board. For more information about the work of the Student Council and its activities, please see their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/studentradetsamt/?fref=ts