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Welcome to Chinese Studies at the Institute of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies! For information about admission, courses, programmes offered and other useful information, please see the menu on the left.

Why study Chinese at Stockholm University?

China is growing on the world market and has much to offer, both economically and culturally. “The country in the middle” or 中国 as it is called in Chinese, has recent years attained a central role in several global contexts. Having Chinese skills will boost your CV and make you outstanding in a job application.

The interest in China and Chinese is growing and so are we. Join us and study one of our area studies or language courses. We work continuously to develop our courses in order to offer our students useful and relevant education.

We offer highly developed language and culture education where the priority is to acquire an advanced language level, as well as a cultural understanding. The culture plays an important role in acquiring good skills in Chinese.

About us

Chinese Studies at Stockholm University was established when Göran Malmqvist became “Professor of Sinology, and in particular of modern Chinese” in 1965. Previously, Professor Bernhard Karlgren, Director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, had taught Chinese since the 1940s. Under the direction of Göran Malmqvist as Professor for 25 years the teaching and research of Chinese expanded greatly. The teaching, which in Professor Karlgren’s time had mainly dealt with the classical written Chinese language, now focused primarily on modern Chinese; the research, too, dealt more and more with themes connected with modern Chinese culture. During the quarter of a century that Professor Malmqvist was Head of the Department, 13 students presented their doctoral theses in Sinology. When Göran Malmqvist retired, the Department’s new Chair was renamed “The Language and Culture of China” and its first Professor was Torbjörn Lodén, who took up his post in 1990. During the 1990s and in the first decade of the 21st century the Department continued to expand and 15 students took their doctorates in Sinology.

Chinese Studies at Stockholm University has three branches: first, second and third cycle courses. Researcher education and Research. The Foundation courses aim to teach the students to speak, understand read and write modern Chinese and to acquire a basic and outline understanding of Chinese culture in historical and modern times. Researcher education aims to train researchers in the study of Chinese language and culture.

At present our research is focused on the history of literature and ideas, modern popular culture, state and identity, work and family life, art, democracy and human rights.

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Chinese Studies

For questions about studying Chinese at Stockholm University, please contact Johan Fresk.


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