The dissertation must show the ability of the Doctoral student to independently solve in a scientific and satisfactory manner the chosen research problem.

Dissertation format

The dissertation must be written as a comprehensive, coherent scientific work (monograph thesis). The investigation and results are to be presented in a form that is qualitatively deemed to meet reasonable demands for acceptance in a peer-reviewed scientific series or journal.

Other requirements

The following are other requirements for a doctoral dissertation to be accepted:

  • it  is an independent study that gives something new
  • the aim, problem presentation and method are  described and explained
  • the method is applied correctly
  • the state of research is presented so as to distinguish previous research from one’s own contribution
  • the material is presented and its delimitations motivated
  • notes, bibliography and the like are presented accurately and scientifically
  • the arrangement is logical and consistent
  • the linguistic standard is acceptable
  • the results are summarized

Language of the dissertation

The dissertation should be written in English (preferably) or in Swedish.


A doctoral dissertation that is written in English must include a summary in Swedish. This summary should be detailed enough for a reader without knowledge of the language of the dissertation to get a clear understanding of the dissertation’s purpose and main contents, the scientific method employed and the results that have been achieved.

Dissertations within the main field of Asian languages and cultures must also contain a summary written in Chinese, Japanese or Korean according to the subject.

The research student’s supervisor is responsible for checking that the summary has the required contents.

An assessment of the summaries will be included when the whole dissertation is assessed.

Abstract in English

Every doctoral dissertation must include a brief abstract in English of not more than 500 words. This abstract must

  • state the title of the dissertation and the language in which it is written, the author’s name/authors’ names and the university and department
  • present the content with regard to the problem, the method and the results
  • provide key words and other important information to allow a bibliographical search in an automated information system.