You are entitled to apply for Doctoral studies if you meet the requirements, both for basic qualifications and for special qualifications. In addition, you will need to be assessed as having other necessary qualifications for successfully managing your studies.

Basic qualification

The basic qualification for being accepted for Doctoral studies is to have a degree at second cycle level (Master's level) and to have at least 240 ECTS credits, at least 60 of them at the second cycle level, or to have in some other way within or outside Sweden acquired mainly the equivalent knowledge.

Special qualification

The special qualification for being accepted for Doctoral studies in Asian and Middle Eastern languages and cultures is to have a Master’s degree in one of the fields that are included in the subject Asian languages and cultures (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies) or in Middle Eastern languages and cultures (Middle Eastern, North African, and Turkish Studies).

You may also have the special qualifications if you have acquired mainly the equivalent knowledge within or outside Sweden.

Knowledge recommendations

A Doctoral student is required to be fluent in the primary language of the area of studies, as well as in written and spoken English. In addition, it is desirable that the student has practical experience (for example as an exchange student) of the language area.

You will find below the files of the previous General Study Plans at the Postgraduate level in Asian and Middle Eastern languages and cultures. New General Study Plans have been approved by the Faculty (June 13, 2017), and the English translations will be published within short.