The Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies offers courses and programmes in Asian Languages and Cultures (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies) and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (including Arabic and Middle Eastern and North African Studies). You may obtain a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree as well as a Doctoral degree within both fields of study.

First cycle studies (Bachelor´s degree)

The education on first cycle studies is taught mainly in Swedish. For more information, please see the Swedish version of the website:

A number of courses are however taught in English also on the first second cycle studies, for a full list see: Courses in English on first cycle studies

Second cycle studies (Master´s degree)

All education on second cycle studies is taught in English. We offer several courses, as well as three Master's programmes in China Studies, Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies. 

Third cycle studies (Doctoral degree)

On third cycle studies, the Department offers Doctoral studies in Asian Languages and Cultures and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. There are usually about two positions in each field of study (Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Arabic).