Research areas

Research areas

The scholars at our Department are engaged in a broad range of research within the various languages and cultures represented at the Department: East Asian languages and cultures (Korean, Japanese and Chinese studies), Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. The Institute for Turkish Studies is also part of the department. Many of our scholars do research in a number of different areas. The topics can be roughly divided into the categories below. Click on researchers for more detailed descriptions of individual ongoing project within the field.

Literary studies

Literary studies is one of the main topics of research at the Department, and the focus varies from classical to pre-modern and modern literature. Literary research is conducted in all of the four language areas. As an interdisciplinary field of study it engages with other research areas such as regional and national history, culture, gender studies and linguistics.

Culture and aesthetics

Culture and aesthetics represent a broad category of research ranging from traditional popular culture, manga studies and visual arts to musicology, art history and digital humanities. Research is represented mainly in the section of Japanese language and culture, but also to some extent within the section of Chinese language and culture.

Society, politics and history

Society, politics and history represents a category of research which is leaning more towards the social sciences, however still firmly grounded within the humanities. Research is conducted on topics such as human rights, migration, identity, ethnicity, diaspora and minorities, as well as international relations and history of religions. Most of the research within Turkish studies is found here, as well as some parts of Chinese, Korean and Arabic/Middle Eastern studies.

Linguistics and translation

Within linguistics and translation, research is conducted on topics such as second language learning, philology and phonetics as well as translation of literature. Linguistics and translation research is represented in all of the four language areas.


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