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Behemoth - Best Documentary Film at Stockholm Film Festival 2015

(悲喜魔兽 Beiximoshou)
RPC, France 2015, 91’

Director: Zhao Liang 赵亮

The film will be introduced by Elena Pollacchi.

"Maverick indie filmmaker Zhao Liang continues his muckraking tour of China’s social and environmental woes with the stunningly lensed, cumulatively moving Behemoth. Acting as a modern-day Dante on a tour through Inner Mongolia’s coal mines and iron works, Zhao (Together, Petition) eschews narrative for an impressively self-shot poetic exercise in controlled righteous outrage, emphasizing the contrasts between rapidly dwindling green pastures and dead landscapes disemboweled by toxic mining. The human toll is also here in the final sections, making starkly clear the price impoverished workers pay for back-breaking labor.”

Jay Weissberg, Variety, (Venice Film Festival Review, 10.09.2015)

This screening is made possible by courtesy of the filmmaker Zhao Liang.