M+ - The Museum Asia Does not Have? is a talk about the work to create a major museum of visual culture - art, design, architecture and moving image - in Hong Kong. What difference is produced when you build a collection that looks at the world from an East Asian perspective, instead of from New York, London or Paris? What does it mean to build a museum from 'inside out'? What are the consequences of the position that the museum should not be confused with its building? Can it start operating long before the building is completed? 

About the lecturer:

Dr Lars Nittve was born in Stockholm in 1953. After studies at the Stockholm School of Economics, and an M.A. at Stockholm University with Post Graduate Studies at New York University and Stockholm University, he was teaching art history at the University of Stockholm during the period 1978-85. In 2009 he was awarded a Ph.D. H.C. by Umeå University, Sweden.

During the same period he was an art critic at Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, and at Artforum, New York.  In 1986 Dr Nittve was appointed Chief curator at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. In 1990-95 he served as founding Director of Rooseum - Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö, Sweden. In July 1995, Dr Nittve became Director of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, Denmark. In 1998 he was named the first Director of Tate Modern, London. In the end of 2001 he took up his post as Director of Moderna Museet in Stockholm. January 2011 – January 2016, Dr Nittve has been the Director of M+, Hong Kong. From February 2016 he is CEO and Chairman of Nittve information Ltd (Hong Kong) and Nittve Information AB (Sweden) providing advice in the fields of museums and art.

Dr Lars Nittve. Photo: WKCDA