Monday lecture by Michel Lee

Curator at the Swedish National Museums of World Culture and Director of The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquity


This talk explores depictions of ”foreigners” in Chinese art. It applies historical accounts, as well as works of fiction, to art history in order to show the changing attitudes and ideas of what it means to be foreign within Chinese society through the ages. This inevitably leads to questions of how the Chinese defined themselves while depicting the Other.


Michel Lee. Photo: private
Michel Lee. Photo: private

Michel Lee is Curator for China and Korea at the Swedish National Museums of World Culture and the current Director of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm. 

He received his Bachelor of Arts in anthropology at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., after which he worked in the Asian Cultural History Program of the Smithsonian Institution’s Department of Anthropology. Michel received his Master of Arts in the history of art and archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He then became the Director and Curator of the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, U.K. 

Michel’s interests include contemporary craft production, as well as cross-cultural and diaspora studies.