In Joseon Korea where Buddhism was suppressed by the Confucianist ideology, different iconographies appeared and a special syncretism can be observed. From the 17th century onwards we can trace a special figure, called the “Lonely Saint” (Dokseong) or Naban jonja, who is usually represented as a monk in landscape settings, full of symbols of immortality. His figure is usually enshrined together with Shamanist and Daoist images, thus making a special connection with those practices.

In my lecture I will show the possible origins of this figure and the reasons why he is called the “Lonely saint”.

                  Photo: Prof. David Mason

Time: Thursday May 8:th, 2014, 4-6pm

Place: Stockholm University, Kräftriket 4A, Aulan

Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet/Frescati; "Albano" by bus 40, 70 or 670