Korean Studies Section, Guest lecture series, autumn term 2015


The lecture will discuss the monumental novel “Land” (T’oji), one of the most distinguished works of modern Korean literature. The novel written by late Pak Kyŏngni comprises 16 to 20 volumes depending on the publishing form. Pak’s work narrates a family saga in the period of tremendous changes in Korea: from the nemesis of old Korea, through the annexation by Japan until the defeat of Japanese imperialism in World War II and the liberation of Korea from colonial power. In these troubled times four generations of a landowner family, their tenant farmers, artisans and scholars as well as monks and peddlers visiting their village struggle on many different levels for their lives. They have to deal with and fight against foreign oppression, ruthless wheeler-dealers, unfriendly family members or hostile neighbours in the village. Often they also have to fight against themselves.

In her lecture, Helga Picht will explain her motives to produce a complete translation of Pak Kyŏngni’s epic novel into German and introduce the work as a must for anybody interested in Korean culture and history and the complicated path to modernity. She will also speak about the novel’s common points and differences compared to other works of 20th centure Korean Literature.


Time: Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 16:00-18:00

Place: Stockholm University, Kräftriket 4 A, Aulan

Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet, /Frescati; ’Albano’ by bus 50 or 670