Department of Oriental Languages
Korean Studies Section, seminar Autumn term 2014

The Korean Studies Section cordially invites you to the guest lecture by Dr. Chang Wonsuk from The Academy of Korean Studies.              


In this lecture, firstly I will show how the knowledge of Korean (traditional) philosophy has been shaped in the modern era. From 1875 to now, European-(Japanese) Universalism has been dominantly applied to the understanding of Korean philosophy and culture. I will review some interpretations about Korean Confucianism and show how colonialists and nationalists constructed their discourses within self-congratulatory Universalism. I also argue that from mid-20th century European Universalism is declining and there are sea changes in the world cultural order affected by the rise of East Asian countries and post-modern sensibilities such as chaos theory, pragmatism, process philosophy, non-western philosophies, post-colonialism and feminism. Thereby there would be ample opportunities to appreciate uncommon assumptions of Korean philosophy as one of the alternatives to European Universalism.  

Time: Wednesday September 10, 2014,  16:00-18:00

Place: Stockholm University, Kräftriket 4A, Aulan
Location: 0.8 km south of T-bana Universitetet, /Frescati; ’Albano’ by bus 40, 70 or 670