Stockholm University, Korean studies guest lecture series, spring term 2017.

Pak Kyongni (1926-2008) is acknowledged as one of the most prominent writers in the history of 20th century South Korean literature. The guest lecture will examine one of Pak’s famous novels, “The Daughters of Kim’s Pharmacy” (Kim Yakkug-ŭi ttaldŭl, 1962), and discuss how the novels narrates a tragedy created by conflict between pre-modern and modern society. The speaker will compare the novel’s original plot and the film adaptation which was produced by Yu Hyun-mok in 1963 and represents a classic melodrama from the first Golden Age of South Korean Cinema.
The guest lecture serves as the starting point for a joint project on Korean literary works and their film adaptations which will be carried out by researchers of Stockholm University and Sankt Petersburg University. It is sponsored by the KSPS (Korean Studies Promotion Service) Core University Program for Korean Studies granted to Sankt Petersburg University.