The lecture covers historical background and information about first contacts made by Westerners with Koreans. It presents first articles and materials in which Korea and Korean Peninsula were mentioned. Also, first grammars written by missionaries are presented and analyzed from a linguistic point of view. Original materials and scanned books are presented to the audience.

Pawel Kida is Assistant Professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. His lectures cover topics such as Korean Descriptive Grammar, History of Korean Language, Practical Korean, Translation and Seminars in Bachelor and Master Levels. He has vast experience as a translator and an interpreter working for Polish and Korean Governments. After majoring in Korean Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, he has earned an MA and a PhD degree in Korean Linguistics at Seoul National University. Previously he worked as a lecturer for Polish Language at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. His research interests include Korean Grammar, Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language, Korean Pragmatics and Korean Culture. He has presented on a variety of topics within these fields of interest at numerous conferences and also contributed to proceedings, journals and edited volumes. He also delivered few guest lectures in Europe and Russia. He is a coordinator of CEEPUS Program at Adam Mickiewicz University and a supervisor of TOPIK Exam at Jagiellonski University in Poland.