Part-time. The course is given in English.

About the course

The course discusses major aspects of North Korean society and culture from the perspective of dynamic transformation, arguing against the dominating mass media images of the DPRK as a "unique/ exceptional", "stagnatic" country. The course will delineate the most important periods of socio-political and cultural changes since the Korean nation‘s liberation from Japanese Colonial power up to the present-day DPRK. The transformative processes in the DPRK will be studied in the context of post-colonial discourse, (post-)socialist/communist development, state-led market liberalization and nationalism. The course is expected to facilitate a better understanding of current developments in the DPRK and grasping their dimension and complexity.

Admission and syllabus

In the Stockholm University course catalogue (SISU) you will find a short presentation of the course as well as information on admission and the current syllabus for North Korean society and culture.

Course Information Fall 2019

Course information containing the syllabus, lesson planning, grading criteria and reading list is attached below. The document also contains important information regarding the exam, regulations and student influence.

Schedule Fall 2019

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Reading List Fall 2019

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