Through the Needle’s Eye: Experience After 3 Years on a Committee Evaluating Applications for Funding

For the last three years I have sat on a committee for one of the Swedish funding organisations. This was an enriching experience that has given me some insight in how applications for funding are handled and evaluated. Applicants can gain from knowledge about both the process and the deliberations. In this session I will present the process and discuss the deliberations on applications with the aim to give some feedback on how applicants can potentially make their applications better. For full disclosure, I will of course maintain complete discretion around the identity of applicants, the content of applications and the specifics of the deliberations I have been privy to. I  have not evaluated any applications by close colleagues due to conflict of interest.

Feel free to send me a copy of an application you have submitted or are planning to submit, so we can have a discussion around concrete examples.


The seminar will take the form of a Zoom session. You will receive an invitation upon pre-registration with the organizer, Jaqueline Berndt. Email: