Seminarieledare: Irmy Schweiger

At the Department of Oriental Languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic are taught to large groups of students. The great interest in these languages is further visible in that they can be studied as “Modern languages” in the upper secondary school in Sweden. Languages taught as “Modern Languages” share a common syllabus. Accommodating languages written with scripts other than the Latin script to the existing syllabus has however proved to be problematic. For example, the teachers of Chinese as a “Modern Language” raised concerns that it was impossible for their pupils to progress according to the requirements of the syllabus due to the specific challenges the writing system presents. As a result, an adapted syllabus for Chinese as a “Modern Language” has been prepared and is being introduced this school year (2014-15).  

Not only “Modern Languages” share a common syllabus. It is also the case with languages taught in the mother tongue tuition. The subject “Mother Tongue” is language instruction directed to heritage language speakers with prior knowledge of the target language. In the colloquium, I will review the wordings of different steering documents concerning “Mother Tongue [Languages]” that (1) are not written with the Latin script, and, (2) have coexisting language varieties.  Arabic will serve as a point of reference, but the presentation is intended to encourage a general discussion from the perspective of different languages taught at the department.

Preparatory reading material is available on request from Since the text files are work in progress they are however not attached to the invitation.

Kollokvier vid institutionen för orientaliska språk HT 2014

Högre seminariet vid Institutionen för orientaliska språk är det centrala forum för doktorander och institutionens forskare såväl som inbjudna gäster att presentera och diskutera sin pågående samt avslutad forskning kolleger emellan.

Kollovier äger rum på fredagar, kl. 14-16 i Asienbiblioteket och avsluter med enklare förtäring.

Colloquia at the Department of Oriental Languages ​​Autumn 2014

The higher seminar at the Department of Oriental Languages ​​is the central forum for graduate students and researchers at the department, together with invited guests, to present and discuss their ongoing and completed research among colleagues. 

Colloquia take place on Fridays at 14:00-16:00 in Asia Library and conclude with light refreshments.